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1 Atlas + 2 Miga Instant 8 Person Combo Camping Tent

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The Atlas and Miga 8-Person Instant Set-Up Combo Camping Tent works exactly like the Axis and Zulu MTS (Modular Tent System) – it allow you to combine two or more tents for more space and rooms - but with the innovative quick set-up mechanism that makes pitching as easy as 1-2-3. The complete Atlas and Miga Combo have 1 Atlas Pop-Up and 2 Miga 3s, creating an 8-person structure with snug sleeping pods and sun screen shelter. 


The Atlas and Miga Instant Set-Up Combo is in the 7-10 people range along with the Como, Discovery, Capricorn, Icarus, Sarengo, Zeus, Oberon, Utah, and Axis & Zulu. The combined tent is rated to accommodate a maximum of 8 people.

Despite its 8-person rating, the Atlas and Miga Combo is more suitable for a group with only 5-6 people. The Miga can be a comfortable sleeping pod for 2 while the Atlas can accommodate 3-4 people. For your stuff, you can use on the Migas as storage room. You can check out the floor area map of the individual tents in their respective image galleries. 

Both the Atlas and the Miga are new designs, and have a Premium construction. Instead of conventional poles, both tents are pre-installed with high-tensile, lightweight wires that are responsible for the pop-up mechanism. Their total weight is only 20 kgs - not the lightest but definitely on the lower end of the spectrum. If you need something lighter and more portable, the Icarus or Zeus might be a better choice. 

It has an inner standing height of 185 cm, thus providing the least height allowance in this range. For more headroom, the Zeus and the Axis & Zulu Combo are better bets because they have the inner standing heights of 250 cm and 260 cm, respectively. 

The Atlas and Miga Combo packs down to a total 196 x 196 x 17cm. That's high up in the scale in terms of packed size. If you have plenty of room in your vehicle for then this should not be a problem. Otherwise, you can take a look at other tents that pack smaller like the Icarus, Utah, Sarengo, Zeus, and Oberon.


Yes, it takes only 3 simple steps to put up these babies. First, release them from their straps. Next, let them pop into shape. And last, stake them down. Both tents are installed with high-tension wireframes that allow this quick set-up mechanism.


You can get the Atlas Pop-Up and the Miga 3 separately but we are giving you this wonderful opportunity to buy the complete tent system at a discount! Not to mention that it comes with a 12-month warranty so you can return it if you get it in a less-than-perfect shape. 


Use each tent on its own or connect them to create a more spacious dwelling in the woods. You can attach the Miga 3s on either side of the Atlas to have a tent that has a sun shelter and two sleeping pods that can house 3 persons each. But if you have more people in your group that need a place to sleep in, fret not because you can easily convert the Atlas into another sleeping pod because it is equipped with a set of fabric doors for privacy! 


Another ingenious feature of the Miga 3 is that it comes with a rear exit. So once the tents are connected, you don't have to stumble into others when heading out. Both tents also have fabric doors to keep prying eyes out.


Mesh vents and mesh panels are built into the fabric doors for improved air circulation, ensuring that you will be comfortable and cool when staying inside. This also effectively reduces condensation making sure you don't have to wipe moisture from the walls.


These tents will be your best camping buddies whatever the weather is. Both are made with durable 210T polyester taffeta coated with 3000mm polyurethane making it absolutely waterproof. The seams are also tightly stitched (6-7 stitches per inch) and are fully-taped so you are confident that not a drop comes in. The floors are made with the same material and it's tub-style, which will keep the pesky bugs out.


Both tents have weatherproof, high-tension wire frames pre-installed in them. And with large PP webbing straps strategically positioned for maximum resistance and tension, you can be sure the tents' shapes will remain perfect despite a heavy downpour. Massive ABS stakes – lighter but stronger than steel – are used to keep the tents firmly on the ground, even in unexpected strong wind conditions (Note: The Atlas Pop-Up and the Miga 3 are NOT designed for extreme weather conditions like, gale force winds or hurricanes).


They come with a glowing CEC logo, making it easy for you to spot them in the dark. Now you don't have to be nervous about going to the outhouse at night!


The high-tension wireframes not only allows the easiest set up known to campers. It also lets you fold these tents into a flat disc shape for easy storage. Plus we're giving you a zippered bag for both. 


  • pre-installed, high-tension wires for instant set-up
  • folds into a flat disc shape for easy storage
  • durable 210T polyester taffeta (tent and flooring)
  • 3000mm polyurethane waterproof coating
  • 6-7 stitches per inch, fully-taped seams
  • mesh panels and mesh vents for increased air circulation
  • stronger ABS tent stakes
  • the Miga 3 has a rear exit
  • glowing CEC logo
  • Assembled dimensions:  31' X 9' X 7'
  • Packed size :  1x Atlas Pop-Up - 3' X 3' X 6" , 2 x Miga 3s - 3' X 3' X 2"
  • Total Weight:  41 lbs (20kgs)

Needing help with your 1 Atlas + 2 Miga Instant 8 Person Combo Camping Tent? Download your assembly instructions by clicking here.

Your Questions Answered

From Sylvester:

I have been looking for a modular tent system for a few weeks now and nothing I had previously found included all of the features that I am looking for. I found your tents and I love them! I am considering buying either the Atlas/Miga or the Axis/Zulu combo modular tent. I am intrigued by the "pop-up" nature of the Atlas/Miga but I am not intimidated by having to set up a "typical" pole in sleeve setup. How concerned should I be about the wind collapsing the Atlas/Miga? Any testing done on what type of wind it will withstand?


The pop up feature of the Atlas & Miga give it more flex than a conventional tent, please note however that our tents are designed for casual summer family camping use and not for extreme conditions that involve gale force winds.

From François L:

What would you recommand for 2 adults and 2 growing kids? We don't like feeling cramped and don't want to see anyone rolling over eachother during night sleeps I need sufficent room for 2 weeks/trips lugguages and will have to face nature's adversity every once in a while. I have an 8 person tent at the moment that's been ok for 2 years but it is relatively cheap and feel like we should invest in high quality for long term. I would love better air flow, completely waterproof, EASY to setup (10 to 15 minutes tops) and relatively compact to pack in my car. Am I being too complicated here?


Bonjour Francois - you should consider the Atlas & Miga instant set up 8 person tent - separate rooms for kids and adults with a central living area, can reduce the size depending on your needs. 

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