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12 Crazy Places To Pitch A Tent: A Camping Cove Picture Gallery

Out of the box and literally beyond the norm: just when you think you know what 'rough' is all about, these crazy yet amazing bunch of adventurers show you there are even more challenging places on the planet to conquer! Here are the wildest, hardest, coldest and most remote locations to go camping. Question is...would you also dare?

Cold and cold, but contented. The icy paradise of Sirdalsheiene, Stavanger, Norway with all its white-blanketed glory all to yourself? Good idea. But perhaps bring a larger tent and share the view with some equally nutty friends? Better.

©McKay Savage

Tibet: the thrill of having to weather the worst under the snow, with only your guts, your gear and your friends to count on. Not a bad place for snuggling into a warm sleeping bag and getting up late, what with no other people to disturb you in the morning, well, save for the Yeti maybe.

©Weixiang Ng (nwxiang)

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania: Africa's highest mountain is also the perfect site to find yourself lost to the elements. No green nor civilization in sight but with blue skies and traces of lazy clouds all the way...you'd have to be crazy to want to be here! Then again, that's perfectly normal.

©Nancy Carels

Pitching your tent in the middle of what was once a No Man's Land in Spitsbergen, Svalbard archipelago, Norway. With completely breathtaking views, but equally harsh conditions to watch out for. Be scared, but awed at the same time.

©John Mayer (jmayer1129)

Looks like the perfect setting for an avalanche...or a bunch of tents with some nutty explorers in them, whichever comes first. Believe it or not, Camp Muir here is a well used stop for climbers aiming to summit Mount Rainier in Washington, and it comes complete with its own extreme temperatures, steep slides and dangers along the way. Fun.

©Laurel F (Laurel Fan)

Imagine waking up one freezing morning, poking your head out then wondering to yourself, “Where on earth did I get myself into again?” Oh yeah, welcome to Mt. Angeles in Washington, highest peak in the Hurricane Ridge. This fierce beauty holds its own charms with equal deadliness, ideal for those seeking crazy camp spots to pitch their tents in.


A way to get utterly safe when the winds pick up: bury your tent down into the snow and secure every end. But perhaps leave a window open. Wouldn't be bad to wake up to the sight of this gorgeously rough and perfectly remote location.

©Stuart French (kurokaze204)

Step aside Spider-Man! This camper is perhaps extremely brave or incurably insane, pitching a tent (could also work with a Rock Hopper, you think?) on the vertical wall of El Capitan on Mount Yosemite, California. Exactly how was this great feat achieved? If you find out, please, let us know.

©Ben Rohrs (eggheadsherpa)

Look down below! A campsite that's nearly invisible (red, uhm, sort of a circle) from the highest mountain summit in the contiguous United States, Mt. Whitney. Pitching near the rock face provides ample protection in times of strong winds and the worst of weather, but can become a double edged sword in times of possible rockslides. Careful.


Looking for remote? Try the wilderness of Antarctica and we're pretty sure nothing could be farther from civilization. These explorers sure know that, pitching their tent nowhere less than atop a glacier of solid ice. But this isn't just any tent. This is the Scott, a bomb-proof heavy canvas shelter staked in the very ice below for that extra, extra support. Perfect for when conditions go from 3 to 1 in these cold parts.

©Zane Selvans

Ominous clouds and a blanket of snow, sans the fact they're camped in the middle of nowhere, is all part of a dream adventure. On the road to Elk Mountain and a hot shower. Might be a day more away, but brilliantly crazy campers sure don't mind getting caught in a stop every now and then.

©Visit Greenland (ilovegreenland)

How on earth did you get there? A favorite image for obvious reasons. Just utterly difficult to get to. Cold with stunning scenery behind turtle-shell-like shelters...Lots of friends to help dig you out if you get stuck, and certainly a good excuse for hot cocoa and marshmallows in the mornings. Not to mention, some extra large tents (thank heavens for all that space!).

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