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We want ensure you receive the best quality in big family tents. Our premium supplier, Camping Equipment Co. (CEC), makes sure that each tent goes through their rigorous quality testing process.

On top of the standard lab procedures for fabric strength and water resistance, CEC's production facility is also equipped with a specially-designed, high-pressure water sprinkler system which is used to test each new design's waterproofing.

As an added measure, they also test all products under realistic conditions. For instance, to examine the tensile strength of the poles, they've set up the Ajax tent through an entire Canadian winter! By the end of this frigid season, the tent has endured wind-driven rain and had piles of heavy snow on top, putting pressure on both the fabric and the poles. As intended by the design and the materials used, the Ajax tent kept its shape and its interior stayed dry all winter long.

And while you may not be planning to camp with the family during a snowstorm, it's reassuring to know that you have a reliable tent that will safely shelter you when the weather gets rough.


More Than a Decade of Experience

We have been supplying well-crafted yet affordable tents and camping equipment for adventurous families everywhere since 2000. We hope we can serve you too.

We have an office in Canada, and distribution warehouse in Yew Street, Blaine, Washington, 98230, USA. You can email us on [email protected]



Customer Service

Your satisfaction doesn't start and end with the quality merchandise that you purchase from us. It extends to the service we render. Right from when you place your order up to its speedy delivery to your doorstep, and down to the hassle-free policies and our 12-month warranty.


Our best-selling products are our mega tents that can comfortably house entire families, tribes and gatherings. These tents, along with our other products, are designed with your comfort and safety in mind. Only high-grade materials were used in their construction. Moreover, time and resources were invested in researching, developing and testing new technology in camping gear so we can keep up with your needs and further enhance your camping experience.

New Products

  • Rock Hopper Tan - Angle View
    $199.99 Add To Cart
    Rock Hopper Tan
  • Eros 6 Person Premium Camping Tent - Front View
    $499.99 $399.99 Add To Cart
    Eros 6 Person Premium Camping Tent
  • Nova 12 Person Premium Camping Tent - Angle View
    $499.99 Add To Cart
    Nova 12 Person Premium Camping Tent
  • Oberon 9 Person Family Camping Tent - Front View
    $449.99 Add To Cart
    Oberon 9 Person Family Camping Tent
  • Zeus 9 Person Premium Camping Tent - Angle View
    $449.99 Add To Cart
    Zeus 9 Person Premium Camping Tent

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