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Axis & Zulu 10 Person Combo Family Camping Tent

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 The Axis and Zulu 10-Person Combo Family Camping Tent is complete MTS (Modular Tent System) where 2 Zulu 3 (a 3-person tent) tents are combined with the Axis 4 (a 4-person free standing screen shelter) creating a mega tent with ample of standing space and comfortable sleeping areas. The entire tent system is completely waterproof and can be customized according to your needs. This is the perfect tent for a large family or group of 10!


The Axis & Zulu Combo is in the 7-10 people range. Other tents in this group are the Como, Discovery, Capricorn, Icarus, Sarengo, Zeus, Oberon, Utah, and Atlas+Miga. The Axis & Zulu Combo is designed to accommodate a maximum of 10 people.

Although it has a 10-person rating, the Axis & Zulu Combo is more suitable for the use of a group of 6-7. Each of the Zulus can house 2 people comfortably, while the Axis can fit in 3.  To get a better idea of the tent's layout, you can study the floor area map on the image gallery.

Both the Axis and Zulu have a Standard construction, meaning quality assembly pieces were used. However, these materials are not as lightweight as the ones used in Premium construction tents.

It has a total weight of 30 kgs – not the heaviest but still in the upper half of the scale in terms of weight. Not a problem if your campsite is not far from where your vehicle will be. However, if a long trek to the campsite is involved then you'll need a lighter tent with a Premium construction like the Icarus and Zeus.

The Axis & Zulu Combo has an inner standing height of 260 cm, providing the maximum height allowance in this range.  This is the perfect tent for families or groups who have an exceptionally tall member.  

This tent also has the largest packed size in the 7-10 people range: 114 x 76 x 26cm – not an issue if you have plenty of space in your car. However if you need something more compact, other tents in this range, like the Icarus and Utah, pack down pretty small. 


The Axis 4 ($219.99) and Zulu 3 ($124.99) can be sold separately but with this wonderful offer, you can get them as a set (1 Axis 4 and 2 Zulu 3s) at the discounted price of $449.99! 


The greatest feature of the MTS is versatility: you can use the Axis 4 and the Zulu 3 separately on solo outings or connect all three pieces to accommodate a big group. Keep in mind that even though the Axis 4 is created as a standing sun shelter suitable as a dining room or storage area, it can be easily converted into a spacious sleeping quarter


Both the Axis 4 and Zulu 3 are completely waterproof! Their rain fly are coated with 3000mm polyurethane and there is a tight 6-7 stitches per inch on the fully-taped seams.

The floors are tub-style, Polyethylene that's secured by Velcro on all sides keeping the floors dry and the bugs out! Let's not forget that they are also removable, making for easy clean up!

Lastly, the Axis 4 also serves as a wonderful sun shelter with its screen doors.


While other tents leave you sweaty and feeling suffocated at nighttime when the doors are up, both the Axis 4 and Zulu 10 have mesh vents and panels incorporated into their full fabric doors that allows air to circulate thus, lessening condensation and leave you feeling cool and comfy!


The number of stakes and guy ropes has been reduced making the overall weight of the tents lighter and the assembly easier. Fewer pieces also means reduced tripping hazard, a feature you should consider if you are traveling with children.  The tents also come with easy-to-read and illustrated instructions.


Our engineers have made sure that these tents will withstand sudden wind conditions and will remain in shape in heavy downpours (Note: The Axis 4 and Zulu 3 are sturdy but not specifically designed for use in extreme wind conditions e.g. gale force winds and hurricanes). The guy ropes are positioned with precision and the large PP (polypropylene webbing straps are strategically placed at the highest points of the poles to either end of the tent providing maximum resistance and tension.


All assembly pieces are top quality: bigger and better ABS stakes to hold the tents firmly down, weatherproof sectional steel poles, fiberglass shock-corded poles for a stable and upright position, UV protection on the dense but lightweight 210T polyester taffeta rain fly.


On top of its versatility, everything in our tents is built to endure frequent usage. Needless to say they will be your camping companions for a long time. To amp up our offer, we are also providing a 12-month warranty that will ensure a hassle-free replacement in the unlikely event that you are unsatisfied with the products.


  • dense yet lightweight 210T polyester taffeta rain fly
  • 3000mm polyurethane waterproof coating
  • 6-7 stitches per inch, fully-taped seams
  • breathable 190T polyester inner tent
  • waterproof, tub-style polyethylene groundsheet
  • improved air circulation with mesh panels and mesh vents
  • removable groundsheet for easy clean up
  • fewer assembly pieces for less tripping hazard and easy set up
  • durable, weather-proof steel and fiberglass poles with elastic shock cords
  • easy-to-read manual

Need help with assembly? Donwload the Axis & Zulu 10 Person Combo Family Camping Tent instruction manuals HERE.


Your Questions Answered

From Dave:

A page talks about being able to join up to 4 Zulu Sleeping pods to the main tent: “BUT for those times when you want the option of a storage or eating area, just connect the Zulu to the Axis and away you go - if you want to invite some friends to join you or want to give the kids their own sleeping area, just add on another Zulu sleeping pod - connect up to 4 in total for a HUGE multi room tent!” But of course, now I can't find the original link that I thought said that there was a limit of 3 zulu pods. So officially what is the supported number of zulu sleeping pods for the Axis screen room / main tent? Is it 4?


Yes, you can connect up to 4 Zulu sleeping pods to the main Axis hub but the set comes with 2. You always have the option of purchasing more Zulu pods which you can also use separately as a stand alone tent depending on what kind of trip you're taking and how much you can pack...

From Andy:

Having trouble deciding between the Axis/Zulu tents or one of the [other] family tents. Anyone I can talk to for a little guidance?


Hi Andy, the main difference between the standard Family tent range and the MTS tents is the ability to separate each section of the MTS tents ie you can use each sleeping pod and central living area on its own, or join them together to form 1 large multi room tent. This gives you far more flexibility depending on your needs and how many people you have with you. 

Now if the idea of having to detach and re-attach pods and hubs together is something that you are uncomfortable with, you can check out our other large tents in the same category.

From Rich Lodi:

I'm thinking of buying the Axis + 2 Zulu modular tent. There's 8 in our family (some younger kids). I've talked to someone who has an older model CEC modular tent and they said you can sleep in the main section, but you risk having bugs, etc. get in due to the floor not fully attaching.

In reading the description, it seems this design may have been changed whereby the floor is "sealed" all around via velcro. We'll probably have to sleep at least 3 people in the main area, but would rather not get this tent if we're going to have to deal with critters coming into the main area. We're new to CEC tents, so I'm trying to wrap my mind around how they work.

We need to make a decision ASAP as we're going camping in a couple weeks, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Hi Rich, ALL of the sleeping pods have fully sewn in tub style waterproof floors with the added bonus that you can disconnect them and use them separately - you can use the central tent as a screen house with a picnic table inside hence the removable floor (also makes it easier to clean the tent!) - if you want to use it as a sleeping tent, just attached the removable tub style groundsheet, stake it down and fasten to the rest of the tent with the velcro tabs

Warranty Information

We understand that peace of mind is important, especially when buying online. As such, you can rest assured that products purchased from Camping Cove come with a full 12 month manufacturer's warranty on all products, parts and accessories. Read the warranty page for further details. We also offer a 14 day "No Hassle" return guarantee. For full details please check the returns policy page.


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  1. best purchase ever made

    Posted by on

    We purchased the Axis/Zulu Tent System. Best tent purchase we ever made. Do not let the size scare you, it was easier to set up [than] our old 8 man tent. We stayed at a campground that was all trailers except us. We had several request to walk in and check out our tent. Several "trailer" campers commented how much space there was. They couldn't believe we had a table, chairs, and a portable fridge cooler in the Axis. This along with our gear. Oh yeah we are a family of 5 (2 adults, 2 teenagers, a 4 year old).


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