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Since 2000, Camping Cove has been supplying tents with excellent craftsmanship from The Camping Equipment Company for adventurous families everywhere.

The Camping Equipment Company takes pride in its mega-sized tents that are built to last. Their aim was to provide tents that will impress not only in terms of size but in stability as well. These massive shelters are high on comfort as well - whether the sun is beating down hard or its pouring, implements to keep you dry or keep you cool are incorporated into the design. Not to mention that they continuously strive for ways to make the once-challenging task of pitching easier for you so you have more time for fun.

The Premium Range: the products that make CEC a MEGA camping name

All tents from Camping Cove are constructed with high-grade materials but those who come from the Premium Range packs a punch - the innovative Con-Struct (TM) Super-lite tent poles. These innovative poles are heavy-duty yet lightweight, making up for easy transport and assembly.

Modular Tent System

Camping Cove also has a range of smaller tents that is cut above the others. 3-person and 4-person tents like the Zulu and Axis can be combined to make a larger shelter.

If you think that's cool, wait until you hear about the Miga 3-Person Instant Set-Up Tent and the Atlas Pop-Up Screen Shelter, modular tents that can be attached together but with an awesome twist – both tents have pop-up mechanisms, making them the easiest tents to assemble!

Outdoorsy families have found our equipment reliable and well-worth the investment. They also know that purchasing from Camping Cove equates to an “all-smiles” customer service, speedy delivery and hassle-free returns. Browse through the store now and find your newest camping staple.


Product Review: The Happy Campers 

“Great Tent Tons of Space”  

By Chris about the Gobi 6-Person Family Camping Tunnel Tent

Posted August 14, 2012 in CampingEquipmentCo. Blog

My family just gave this tent a test drive for 5 days in Rhode Island and we love it! It has sooo much space. The sleeping area can easily hold our 2 Coleman 4-1 blow up mattresses! Kids on one side parents on the other. The "sleeping tent" attaches inside the big tent. So, it is a tent within another tent. This helps with dirt and bugs not getting into your sleeping area. The sleeping area could easliy hold 6 adults and the living area could hold at least another 6 adults.” 


By Karen about the Axis 4-Person Screen Tent Shelter 

Posted August 2,2012 in CampingEquipmentCo. Blog 

“I came across this and loved it because it had the removable floor. I put two fans in and was cool all day long. During rain it never got wet. I loved this so much we plan on getting another and getting the parts for a tent.”

“A Very Versatile Modular Family Tent System” 

From Hubpages 

about the Axis and Zulu 10-Person Combo Family Camping Tent

“It is an amazing 10' long, 10' wide and – get ready for it – 9' tall. I absolutely love tall tents! This space is so big that you could even play Twister in it!”


From CEC Facebook Fan Page 

“We purchased the Axis/Zulu Tent System. Best tent purchase we ever made. Do not let the size scare you, it was easier to set up than our old 8 man tent. We stayed at a campground that was all trailers except us. We had several requests to walk in and check out our tent. Several "trailer" campers commented how much space there was. They couldn't believe we had a table, chairs, and portable fridge cooler in the Axis. This along with our gear. Oh yeah we are a family of 5 (2 adults, 2 teenagers and a 4 year old)."

Read more about these happy campers here.


Product Videos

by campingequipmentc0

A video montage of the different tents from The Camping Equipment Company.

by by vfjellner  

Another video presentation, this time of The Camping Equipment Company's 6-person tents.

New Products

  • Rock Hopper Tan - Angle View
    $199.99 Add To Cart
    Rock Hopper Tan
  • Eros 6 Person Premium Camping Tent - Front View
    $499.99 $399.99 Add To Cart
    Eros 6 Person Premium Camping Tent
  • Nova 12 Person Premium Camping Tent - Angle View
    $499.99 Add To Cart
    Nova 12 Person Premium Camping Tent
  • Oberon 9 Person Family Camping Tent - Front View
    $449.99 Add To Cart
    Oberon 9 Person Family Camping Tent
  • Zeus 9 Person Premium Camping Tent - Angle View
    $449.99 Add To Cart
    Zeus 9 Person Premium Camping Tent

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