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Best Lightweight Shelters: Tarps VS Hammock-Tent Innovation

The question of which - tarp or hammock-tent - is finally answered. Read more here and learn which of these two 'lightweight' options is the best shelter to use outdoors. 

5 Best Camping Beaches in California to Hang Your Hammock Tent

Five of California's best camping beaches that's sure to provide you a different kind of experience, especially when coupled with our unique hybrid hammock-tent. Feel free to relax. And read the full article here.

Families Who Camp across America and Blog About It

Looking for some motivation to go camping? Check out these 5 amazing blogs by American families who've been there, done that, and get inspired to head on out on your own adventure. Who knows? You might start your own camping blog soon too.

12 Crazy Places To Pitch A Tent: A Camping Cove Picture Gallery

A picture gallery of the wildest, hardest, coldest and most remote locations to go camping. Check out where these (maybe almost) insane yet amazing bunch of adventurers pitch their tents on a normal day. Would you likewise dare? 

The Camping Family's Guide to Choosing the Perfect Tent

Be confused no more with this handy guide that helps you in choosing the best tent so that you & your family can feel comfortable on any trip, on any location. Read more here

Indulge: 27 Relaxing Beach Camping Locations

You might not be a very huge fan of sand...but one can't really help but appreciate that amazing feeling you get when sitting on the beach. So here's to the sun and surf! A stunning picture collection of the best shores to camp and relax, indulge and enjoy in. NEW!


Dog Friendly Campgrounds Series 

Dog Friendly Camping Sites Along Route 66

The historic highway, Route 66, also happens to be the best place for some dog-friendly camping. Allow us to show you where on the Mother Road. Read the full article.

Campgrounds in New York that You and Your Pets Will Love

A stone's throw away from New York's fast-paced city life, these splendid 'pet-friendly' locations will surely get you and your beloved dog excited. So grab that large tent and head on out! Here are some of the best camping places to visit. Read more.

Dog Friendly Campgrounds in Washington

Learn our top picks for the best and most amazing pet-friendly campgrounds to enjoy with your pooch in Washington USA. Click here to learn more.

Go Camping in These Dog Friendly Campgrounds in Michigan, USA

Another great article featuring some of the most dog-friendliest campgrounds, this time, in Michigan, USA. Learn why this Great Lakes' State is the best camping stop to make this part of the country.

Dog Friendly Campsites in Texas, USA

With beautiful prairies and jagged mountains in the background, Texas boasts of many campsites that are great for family camping as well as for dog camping! Want to know where these places are? Read the full article here.

In case you do come across a bear, it's a smart idea to pack bear spray, which is like pepper spray for bears. Many weapons are not effective enough to break through the skull of a bear, and will only anger the animal. For more suggestions on what to do if you encounter a bear, check out this tutorial for Staying Safe Around Bears from the National Park Service.

Killer bee and wasp stings hurt and possibly life-threatening for those who are allergic. Bugs bring all type of blood-borne disorders, and leave itchy bites that can get infected. To discourage these and other pests, hang rubbish away from camp, use bug sprays, and carry natural deterrents like a fresh-sliced cucumber, sachets of cloves or mothballs, and citronella candles. If you're allergic, also make sure to bring an Epi-pen camping.

Make sure you educate yourself about venomous serpents that you may encounter where you will be camping, so you can recognize one if you see it. Serpents want to hide in tall grasses, so set up camp in as laid open an area as possible, and steer clear of going through thick grasses while journeying to and from your campsite. Make sure to totally close your tent prior to you go to sleep so snakes don't find their way within while you snooze. You can also buy chemical snake repellents to safeguard you against common venomous snakes, like the rattlesnake.

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