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Dog Friendly Campgrounds in Washington

Aside from keeping the children busy, you also get to have someone watch over your tent and belongings. ©Alan Levine (cogdogblog) on Flickr

Camping season is once again here, and the parks and campsites in Washington have opened their gates to accommodate campers and day users alike into their grounds. During these adventurous times, you are not planning on leaving the family dog at home and under your neighbors care, are you?

Of course, not all camp sites allow dogs (or any family pet for that matter) into their vicinity, but there are some pet friendly campsites in Washington where you can take your whole family and the dog for some large-sized tent camping and outdoor fun.

Ohanapecosh Campground

This campground, located in the southeast side of Mount Rainier National Park, is one of the most famous dog-friendly campgrounds in the state of Washington. The whole area is covered with old-growth forests of Douglas Firs, Hemlocks and Western Red Cedars while the snow-fed Ohanapecosh River runs through the campsite.

There are more than 150 campsites in the area, which provides great shades during the sunnier months of the year, and except for showers, there are other amenities available to make your camping trip a little more comfortable like flush toilets and others. The whole camp is divided into 8 Loops, and tent camping is allowed in all 8 sections.

However, only two tents and six people per campsite are allowed. Dogs are welcome as long as they are on a leash, although they are restricted in some areas in the park. Read all about the camp regulations about dogs and more by clicking here. Here are some reviews of the campgrounds from tripadvisor.com.

The campgrounds are open from June to September, and tent campers will have to pay $15 plus pet fees.

Camp Pro-tip: When camping with your dog, be sure to bring your pet's favorite toys and snacks. This not only keeps them happy throughout the trip but keeps them from chewing on your hiking shoes as well.

Silverline Resort

Here is a wonderful picture of a family camping at the Pearrygin Lake with their dog. ©MIKE MORRIS on FlickrSilverline Resort aims to provide visitors with that camping experience that they cannot soon forget – and that is possible as the park has great amenities and tons of activities that the whole family and the pet will be sure to enjoy. There are 21 tent campsites in the area, and although all of them are good, there are some tent campsites which are better, like tent campsites #37-43 which fronts Lake Creek and near the boat launch, while tent campsites 17, 18, and 19 fronts the Pearrygin Lake where you can enjoy paddle boating, canoeing or kayaking, fishing and swimming.

The management charges $2/pet and a maximum of two pets per site only. The tent camping charges are between $21 (off-peak) and $25 (peak season).

Camp Pro-tip: The woods are home to various animals, most of which will attract your dog's attention. As such, you may as well bring a dog medicine kit in case they get a nasty bite or sting brought about by their curiosity,

Leavenworth/Pine Village KOA

The jagged and snow laden tops of Cascades Mountains is one of the most picturesque land formations in Washington state. ©Marshmallow on Flickr

This 30 acre wide camping ground is located at the base of Cascades Mountains, with pine trees and grassy, rolling meadow perfect for camping and hiking activities. There are over 30 campsites divided into two sets: one set of tent camping ground fronts the Wenatchee River, while the other is in the back parts of the grounds close to the woods as you will see here in the park map.

The Wenatchee River does not allow fishing, but other activities like swimming and floating on inner tubes are fine. There are other activities that you can enjoy with other campers, like the movie night every Fridays at the river banks, or the sing-a-longs at the communal campfire.

You're going to spend $47 plus pet fees for the accommodations, and bring some extra cash since usage of some amenities there are not included in the fee. As for your dogs, you need to keep them on a leash at all times.

Camp Pro-tip: Aside from wild animals and insects, some plants can be a threat to your dogs as much as they are to your kids. Be sure keep an eye out for wild berries and mushrooms which can harm them.

Ellensburg KOA

The Yakima River is one of the attractions of Ellensburg KOA. ©Robert Ashworth (theslowlane) on Flickr

Although majority of the campground is reserved for RVs, there are more than enough tent camping sites to go around for everyone. There are 19 sites where you can pitch your tents, and the best part is that 14 of these are nearest to the river banks while the other five are just across the road. There are many things to do in the campgrounds as the managers have included basketball, volleyball and badminton courts, swimming pools for adults and kids, and a kiddie playground.

There is also a game room and TV lounge in the area. Although there is no swimming in the Yakima River, they will allow you to fish or rent a raft on site for some paddling adventure. In addition, there is a dedicated pet area where you and your kids can take your dog for a stroll. Alternatively, you can take the whole family and pet on a hike in the John Wayne Pioneer Trail. Click the link for a map of the campgrounds. There is a $41 plus pet fees to be paid before you can enjoy yourselves in the campsite.

Camp Pro-tip: Keep your dogs on a leash at night if you don't have a space for them in the tent. This keeps them from running around the campsite, disturbing other campers and being caught by the park rangers. or better yet, bring with you a large tent like the ones we have here in Camping Cove. Every member of the family deserves his or her own place (that includes the dog too).  

Concrete/Grandy KOA

Fishing is a great activity that encourages better bonds between members of the family. ©Yinghai on Flickr

Concrete/Grandy KOA is another campsite located at the foot of another famous mountain in Washington – Mount Baker. As such, there is easy access to North Cascades National Park and Grandy Creek where you can go fishing. There are various activities to be enjoyed in the campgrounds like volleyball and basketball. Kids can play in the playground or have fun in the Mini Golf. There are dedicated trails for walking dogs (must have a leash), and even horse riding trails if you're looking for something more rustic. There is a $40 charge plus pet fees for the use of any of the 40 or more tent camping sites in the area.

Washington is home to some of the most beautiful camping grounds in USA, and fortunately, most of them are not only family oriented but pet friendly as well.

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