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Gettysburg 12 Person Family Camping Tunnel Tent

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The Gettysburg 12-person family camping tunnel tent has a dimension of 22'x9'x7' when assembled and boasts of fully-customizable inner space. This is perfect for those family getaways in the summer as it is waterproof and UV-coated!


Similar to the Nexus, Polaris, Ajax, and Nova, which all belong to the 10 + range, the Gettysburg is also designed to accommodate a maximum of 12 people

However, it will be more comfortable for a group of 8. This tunnel tent is divided into 3 rooms. Each room can hold 3-4 people quite comfortably. Plus you can use one of them as a storage area. You can view the floor area map in the image gallery to see the layout better. 

The Gettysburg is an old model with a Premium construction, meaning lightweight, high-tensile poles were used, along with other quality assembly pieces. Because of these poles, the tent's overall weight is lighter. At only 14.2 kgs, the Gettysburg is the lightest tent on this range. A tent with this weight will be very easy to transport and is ideal if your vehicle will be far from your campsite. 

It has an inner standing height of 210 cm, placing it in the middle of the scale in terms of height. A tent this tall can accommodate most people of average height without any problems. However, if you feel like you need more head room, the Nova 12 offers more at its height of 220 cm.

Its packed size is quite large at 102 x 35 x 28cm. This is not much of an issue if you have plenty of room in your vehicle. However, if you need a tent that folds down to a more compact size, you might like the Nova better.  


 The rain fly is completely waterproof due to its 30000mm polyurethane coating. And with 6-7 stitches per inch stitching and fully-taped seams, you can be assured that no water comes in during a downpour. It also has a UV-finish which means increased durability and protection against the elements, thus prolonging your tent's life.

Polyethylene is also fully sewn into groundsheets in the sleeping areas ensuring that they will remain dry. In the living areas on the other hand, the upward-curved edges of the tub-style, fitted groundsheets can be attached to the rain fly.


The inner tent is made with breathable 190T polyester and the solid fabric doors are incorporated with mesh panels and vents allowing air to flow in and out while still keeping the pesky bugs at bay!  


The Gettysburg 12 has large inner tents providing the campers with privacy. Plus, the living area is also spacious enough for lounging and enjoying meals together. The best part though is that all these compartments are fully adjustable allowing you to free up space according to your storage needs or to add more standing space, or add rooms to accommodate more people! 


With Ubertech shock corded poles that 45% stronger than fiberglass poles for easy pitching and take down. The tent sleeves are color-coded along with the poles so no more guessing and take-two's when setting up. And let's not forget that the polyester guy ropes are interwoven with reflective 3M Scotch-lite thread to make working in low-light conditions easier! The Gettysburg 12 also comes with fewer stakes for a no-stress assembly. Don't worry about the fewer number of stakes though because quality trumps quantity with its stronger ABS stakes that will hold you tent firmly down even in unexpected strong wind conditions (Note: The Gettysburg 12 is ideal for summer conditions and are not guaranteed to withstand gale-force winds or hurricanes).


Thanks to the smartly-positioned PP webbing straps, maximum resistance and tension are ensured and maintains the Gettysburg 12 steady shape preventing moisture build-up in the waterproof fabric.


We can assure you that tents you buy from us are free from manufacturer defects and in any event you find something wrong with your order, you can have hassle-free replacement by following are easy policy and guidelines.


  • dense yet lightweight 210T polyester taffeta rain fly
  • 30000mm polyurethane waterproof coating
  • 6-7 stitches per inch, fully-taped seams
  • UV coating to help fight the elements and prolong tent's life
  • breathable 190T polyester inner tent
  • waterproof, tub-style polyethylene groundsheet
  • improved air flow with mesh panels and mesh vents
  • adjustable inner tents to help you create more rooms
  • stronger ABS tent stakes
  • color coded tent poles and tent sleeves 
  • reflective 3M Scotch-lite thread polyester interwoven guy ropes
  • Ubertech shock corded poles
  • Capacity/Berth:  12 people
  • Assembled Dimensions:  22'x9'x7'(680x280x215cm)
  • Tent Packed Size:  3'x1'x0.9' (102x35x28cm)
  • Pole Packed dimensions: 3'x0.5'x0.5' 
  • Total Weight: 71.00 LBS
Download the assembly instructions for your Gettysburg 12 Person Family Camping Tunnel Tent HERE.

Your Questions Answered

From Krystal:

I'm sorry to be a pain but I'm having a really hard time deciding which tent is best for our needs. We are planning on camping with 3 small children and I need to keep my sanity. That being said here is our info:

  • would like as large of a tent as possible.
  • sleeping 'pods/rooms' are needed so my kids sleep and don't play with each other
  • We're camping in temps are max 86 degrees F. Min = 50 degrees F. The entire month received 40.9mm of rain last year.
  • I don't want bugs in the tent.
  • we don't want the tent to leak (assuming no hurricanes or gale force winds etc).
  • ...I was looking at the Discovery but when I commented about leakage and bugs it was suggested I look at one of the premium tents but I think we're losing a lot of space by going to the Ajax. My questions are: are different models of the premium tents expected to come out soon which may offer more options?
  • are the premium tents the way I should be going? Ie should I stay away from the big family tents based on our camping needs...?


Hi Krystal, thanks for your message. And based on the requirements you listed, I would recommend the Gettysburg 12 person tent.

It is one of the biggest family camping tents in our catalog alongside our other 10+ People category tents. The tunnel shape design maximizes area volume (including vertical head room, high enough to stand upright in). The inner tent pitch first assembly means you can have a single layer vented shelter in the hot sunny daytime with the option of pitching the rain fly later. Fully sewn in tub style water proof floor means that the entire inner tent is a self contained area and once you zip the mesh doors close, no bugs can enter. The inner tent is a large open space BUT leaves you the option of closing off portions of it with the removable partition walls which means you can create privacy areas eg 1 sleeping area on either side of a central common area (for storage or eating, etc). The rain fly is coated on the inside with Polyurethane (PU) to a level of 3000mm (that's how tent waterproofness is rated) in addition to all of the seams covered with a PU tape (because sewing creates pinholes that can allow water to enter).

Warranty Information

We understand that peace of mind is important, especially when buying online. As such, you can rest assured that products purchased from Camping Cove come with a full 12 month manufacturer's warranty on all products, parts and accessories. Read the warranty page for further details. We also offer a 14 day "No Hassle" return guarantee. For full details please check the returns policy page.


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  1. Great Tent

    Posted by on

    ...I needed something large to be able to accommodate several 3'x6.5' cots for winter camping. After searching around the internet and comparing many different tents I decided to settle on this one. I was very pleased with the tent. We took it on our annual winter camping trip in January in Wisconsin. I purchased a large tarp to put on the ground underneath the tent. The tent set up pretty easily. We had 4 guys to set up so it didn't take us too long to set it up. We could have set it up easily enough with 2 people as well. It would be unwieldly, but probably not impossible, for one person to set up (but who would need such a large tent for themselves?). Everything was color-coded, so matching up the poles to the proper place was not a problem. The tent basically consists of two main parts. The inner tent (main tent) and the rain fly which covers the entire tent...My one complaint about the tent would be if they could've made the sleeping rooms about 6" to 12" longer it would fit the cots much better. If you need to, you could definitely get 3 cots in each of the sleeping rooms. We set up the kerosene heater in the center room and this kept the tent a comfortable temperature throughout the night. There was enough ventilation in the tent that we didn't get any condensation on the tent walls either... It looks like I'll be able to get many years of use out of this tent. I am very pleased with it so far...


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