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Gobi 6 Person Family Camping Tunnel Tent

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The Gobi 6-Person Premium Camping Tent is a 22'x13'x6', waterproof tent. It is another quality offering from our Premium Line, meaning it comes with the innovative Con-Struct (TM) Super-lite tent poles.Your family will surely fall in love with its homey design and spacious rooms,enough to house up to 6 people. It will truly be your home away from home.


Similar to the Vega, Eros, Indiana, Taurus, MarsAtlas, and Axis, the Gobi 6 belongs to the 4-6 people range. The Gobi 6 is on the upper end of the scale as it is specifically designed to accommodate a maximum of 6 people.

Despite its 6-person rating, the Gobi is more suitable for 5 people. By using one of the sleeping rooms as a storage area, 3 people can sleep comfortably in the living area, plus 2 more in one of the rooms. You can view the floor plan in the images gallery to get a better grip on this tent's layout.

The Gobi 6 is one of the newer designs and has a Premium construction, meaning its poles are lighter than the Standard range poles. At 25.5 kgs, it is not the heaviest in this range but it is heavier than the Vega, Indiana, Taurus, Mars, Atlas and Axis. If you are aiming for something light, you can go for the Vega 6 which clocks in at 19 kgs. Even lighter is the Axis 4 (only 14 kgs!) however, it has a smaller capacity.

The Gobi 6 has an inside standing height of 205 cm which places it in the middle of the scale in terms of headroom. For more height, there is the Vega 6 which stands at 250 cm, and the Axis 4 which has the maximum headroom of 260 cm.

Among the tents in this range, the Gobi 6 has one of the smaller of pack sizes along with the Eros, Indiana, and Mars: it packs down to 80 x 46 x 31cm.  


The Gobi 6 has the Exo-derm (TM) rain fly – a 210T polyester taffeta rain fly that would not sag even under a heavy shower, and is coated with 3000mm polyurethane that will keep the water out. The seams are fully-taped and secure with 6-7 stitches per inch. What's more is that there's an added feature called the storm flap that will channel water away from the tent.

Rain throughout the night? Sleep tight on the Dri-tek (TM ) waterproof floors made with polyethylene, tub-style groundsheet that prevents the water and the bugs from the ground from getting in.


With your ever-changing needs in mind, the Gobi 6 is equipped with 2 sets of doors on either end of the tent. First, you have the full mesh doors that let the air in and the bugs out. On top of that is your second set of full-fabric doors that you can zipper up for more privacy.


Ventilation is the key to a comfortable space and the Gobi 6 will deliver just this. In addition to the full mesh doors and breathable polyester inner tent, mesh vents can be found on the top as well. With enough air circulating your inner tents, you can be sure that you won't be wiping your walls or your forehead from sweat.


The inner tent is incorporated with partition walls that will allow you to customize your space. Whether you are in need of a private sleeping quarter or want a bigger room for the kids, just put them up or down according to your preference.


The Gobi 6 will remain standing and in excellent shape even when the wind blows hard. The Dyna-strap (TM) webbing (high-tension nylon guy ropes woven with reflective 3M taping) positioned from the top of the tent and running down to the sides, will ensure maximum resistance and tension and will maintain the tent's curvature. The entire structure is held securely down with the Talon tent stakes (TM),lighter but stronger than steel tent stakes. (Note: The Gobi 6 is sturdy but keep in mind that it is not designed for extreme weather conditions i.e. gale force winds and hurricanes)


What sets the Gobi 6 (along with other tents in the Premium Line) apart is its Con-Struct (TM) Super-lite tent poles. They are lightweight, heavy duty and high-tension. And since they are more or less like the standardized PVC pipes, replacing them will be no trouble at all. However, such replacement might not be necessary because this tent comes with a 12-month warranty.


  • heavy-duty, recyclable, high-tension , easily replaceableCon-Struct (TM) Super-lite tent poles
  • Exo-derm (TM) rain fly: 210T polyester taffeta with 3000mm polyurethane coating
  • storm flaps  that channel water away from the tent
  • 6-7 stitches per inch, fully-taped seams
  • Dri-tek (TM) floor: polyethylene tub-style groundsheet
  • Dyna-strap (TM) webbing: high-tension nylon woven with reflective 3M taping
  • removable partitions in the inner tent for privacy
  • improved air circulation with mesh panels on top of the inner tent
  • 2 sets of dual doors (1 mesh, 1 full-fabric)
  • Talon tent stakes (TM):  high-resistance ABS stakes – lighter than conventional steel
  • Capacity/Berth: 6 people
  • Assembled dimensions:  22'x13'x6'
  • Packed dimensions: 2'x1'x1' 
  • Total Weight: 56lbs (25.5kgs)

Your Questions Answered

From David:

My wife and I are looking into a new tent, and I'm leaning towards this Gobi 6 man tent I see on your site. I'm a bit of a tent snob and I only want a canvas tent because I've always had MUCH better luck in bad weather with canvas. However, I'm not sure the Gobi tent I'm looking at is canvas. Is it? If not, what's the material? I REALLY want canvas, but I also love the design of that Gobi tent, so I guess what I'm saying is that if you can lower my own snobbery level and convince me that the material will work just as well as canvas, I'll still get it. Thanks! 


Hi David. Honestly, the days of the traditional canvas tent are pretty much over. Really military style cotton canvas is significantly heavier and water-retentive than synthetic fabric (the Gobi tent is made of polyester). While canvas may last longer (with appropriate care) than synthetic fabric, polyester is much lighter in weight - which you will come to appreciate with CEC tents as we only supply LARGE family camping tents. However with appropriate care, synthetic fabric can last for years and provide you with a lot of quality use. Synthetic fabric is naturally water repellent and CEC rain fly's (the outermost layer of our tents) also include a polyurethane coating (PU) in addition to PU seam taping for added water-proofness.

From Michelle:


My husband and I really like the Gobi 6 person tunnel. We have a few questions: 1 is the ground sheets sewn into the tent itself? It says on your website that it is just in sleeping area. We have seen another tent just like this one overseas and it states that it has a fully sewn in groundsheet. how well does the rain fly work if it does go all the way down?


Hi Michelle, the ground sheet is fully sewn in throughout the tent apart from the front porch area under the awning - this is a tub style groundsheet fully sewn into the rain fly. There is also a secondary sheet sewn into the inner sleeping tent effectively giving you a 2 layer waterproof floor in the sleeping area. This is a typical feature of our 4-6 People Category tents. 

Warranty Information

We understand that peace of mind is important, especially when buying online. As such, you can rest assured that products purchased from Camping Cove come with a full 12 month manufacturer's warranty on all products, parts and accessories. Read the warranty page for further details. We also offer a 14 day "No Hassle" return guarantee. For full details please check the returns policy page.


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  1. Great Tent Tons of Space

    Posted by on

    My family just gave this tent a test drive for 5 days and we love it! It has sooo much space...The "living area" is a great concept. Most people go out and buy two tents, one for sleeping and one for eating this is no longer necessary...The air circulation is great...The front porch is a great addition. It's nice to keep the rain out of the tent when you are trying to go in and out during a storm...The floor construction is like an extremely strong, rip-stop, tarp material...This tent turns heads! We had people stopping by and asking questions, even taking pictures! This is not your typical tent in the United States. It is big approx 13'x20" so make sure your camp site can handle a tent of this size...


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