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Nova 12 Person Premium Camping Tent

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The Nova 12-Person Premium Camping Tent is a 21'x26'x7', waterproof mega tent that has four 3-person rooms and a huge living area right in the middle. It is the perfect tent for a large family or group that requires plenty of space for sharing meals or lounging and private quarters for sleeping. And because it's part of the Premium Line, it also comes with the innovative Con-Struct (TM) Super-lite tent poles. 


The Nova 12 is part of the 10+ range along with the Nexus, Polaris, Ajax, and Gettysburg. All these tents are designed to accommodate a maximum of 12 people.

Despite this rating, this main hub + pod style tent will be more comfortable for a group of 10.  It has 4 sleeping pods that can allow 2 people to lie down with room to roll over, and a main hub spacious enough for your belongings plus 2 more people. For better organization of the space, you can use one of the pods as a storage room to free up the main hub for more people. 

The Nova 12 is a new model with a Premium construction. Released only recently, it uses high-tensile poles that are lighter in weight compared to the Ubertech poles used in the Standard construction. It sits on the lower half of the scale in terms of weight.  At only 16.5 kgs, it is pretty light for a tent of this capacity.  If you need something lighter, the Gettysburg is a mere 14.2 kgs.

The Nova 12 also has the maximum inner standing height in this range220 cm. It's a pretty good choice if you want to make a tall member of your group comfy.

It packs down to 78 x 46 x 23cm – the smallest packed size in this range! This is a benefit you will appreciate if you don't have much room in your vehicle as loading it will be pretty easy. If packed size does not matter, the Polaris and Nexus are also worth looking at despite their larger packed sizes. 


The Nova 12's rain fly is made with dense 210T polyester taffeta and coated with 3000mm polyurethane making it impenetrable by water. Even the seams won't allow a drop of water in with its 6-7 stitches per inch and seam tape. As for the flooring, polyethylene, tub-style groundsheet covers the entire tent, keeping moisture from the ground – and the bugs – out. 


This tent is created with your comfort in mind. Breathable 190T polyester is used for the inner tent. The rain fly and fabric doors also come equipped with mesh panels and mesh vents for better air circulation. As a result, you have a cool inner tent and won't be wiping down walls from condensation. 


Any huge group seeks lots of space to move around and at the same time, some privacy. Guess what? The Nova 12 can provide both! The middle of the tent serves as a huge living area where getting together and standing around won't be a problem. Surrounding the living area are four, separate sleeping rooms with their own fabric doors


Held up by the innovative Con-Struct (TM) Super-lite tent poles which are heavy-duty, recyclable and high-tensile meaning you will be using it for a long time. Not only that, these poles will give your tent a fuller shape and will maximize the space inside by tugging nicely on the tent sleeves. Also, in the unlikely case that they break, you can easily replace them with standardized PVC pipes from your local hardware store. And speaking of replacements, we will provide you with a 12-month warranty so if this amazing tent arrives to your doorstep with any defects, you can send it back. 


The Nova 12's assembly pieces are high-grade and will ensure that your tent stands strong and steady even in unexpected strong wind conditions. The corners and support straps are secured to the ground by massive ABS tent stakeslighter but stronger than steel ones. Lastly, the large PP webbing straps that runs from the tent's highest points and down to the sides will create maximum resistance and tension to help maintain the tent's curvature. (Note: The Nova 12 is made for summer use and is not guaranteed to withstand gale force winds or hurricanes). 


This massive tent comes with fewer assembly pieces for an easier and quicker set up. This also reduces tripping hazards – something to consider if you are traveling with small children. It is also worth mentioning that the guy ropes are woven with reflective 3M Scotch-lite thread for improved visibility in low light conditions. 


  • heavy-duty, recyclable, high-tension , easily replaceable Con-Struct (TM) Super-lite tent poles
  • dense 210T polyester taffeta rain fly
  • 30000mm polyurethane waterproof coating
  • 6-7 stitches per inch, fully-taped seams
  • lightweight breathable 190T polyester inner tent
  • polyethylene, tub-style groundsheet in the entire tent
  • reflective 3M Scotch-lite thread woven into the guy ropes
  • fewer assembly pieces
  • simplified design
  • ABS tent stakes – lighter but stronger than conventional steel stakes
  • Capacity/Berth:  12 people
  • Assembled dimensions: 21'x26'x7
  • Pole packed dimension: 2'x1'x0.6'
  • Packed dimensions: 2'x1'x0.7'
  • Total Weight: 36lbs

Your Questions Answered

From Adam:

I have a question about the Nova. It looks like a HUGE tent! I read about your large, separate inner sleeping areas that offer occupants privacy. Does that mean the sleeping tents are completely separate or do they just have doors you can close? It sounds as if there are separate tents for sleeping inside and you can not setup some of them?


Hi Adam.

1. YES! It's crazy HUGE 2. yes the inner sleeping tents are separate from one another and they have doors that you can close 3. the sleeping tents are a secondary layer inside the tent that you can leave out which just gives you a single layer covered area under the main rain fly.

Warranty Information

We understand that peace of mind is important, especially when buying online. As such, you can rest assured that products purchased from Camping Cove come with a full 12 month manufacturer's warranty on all products, parts and accessories. Read the warranty page for further details. We also offer a 14 day "No Hassle" return guarantee. For full details please check the returns policy page.


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  1. awesome tent

    Posted by on

    This tent is so big. We had 8 people sleeping in it for 9 days straight. The rain came down for 3 of those days, but we were dry. Each pod is not only private, but you can store your gear when you don't need them all. The center of the tent is high so no one was hitting their heads. It took a few minutes to figure out how the thing went but we managed to get it up in decent time. You need a large tent then this is the one to get. When we packed it away it all went into the bag with no problems, including all the stakes and tubes. The straps on the bag holds everything securely. The whole thing is a bit heavy, but this tent is designed to sleep 12 people and it will. Thanks, for the Nova it is awesome.

  2. Tent is awesome

    Posted by on

    This was the first tent that I have ever purchased. The reason why I went this direction was because of the cramped experiences I've had in the past. 5 days in a conventional tent especially in the rain would be no fun at all. Not only is there a large common area to move freely in, there are 4 separate pods that give you plenty of privacy...The only thing we had a problem with is the site size at a campground...unit is strong easy to assemble ( it will take about 40 minutes not rushing ) and great for a large family or group.


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