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Standing Height

When purchasing a tent, don't forget to check how much headroom it has! You don't want to ruin your otherwise delightful camping trip by hunching down all weekend in a low tent.

Tents like the Eros 6 Person Premium Camping Tent and Utah 10 Person Family Camping Dome Tent both have an inner standing height of up to 6'5". This is a good number for families with heights below 6 feet tall. You won't feel cramped, guaranteed.

However, if one of your family members is a 6-footer, it is best to get a tent with a vertical space reaching up to 7' like the Como 8 Person Family Camping Tunnel Tent. With about a foot of space above, the tallest person in your group won't have to hunch.

For those who are more than 6 feet tall, your best bet would be to get a tent that reaches up to 7'5" inside like the Discovery 10-Person Family Camping Dome Tent. You can even go higher just to make sure you won't feel claustrophobic by going for the Axis & Zulu 10 Person Combo Family Camping Tent. It offers the most headroom with its inner standing height that reaches up to 8'5".

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